Touching Nations: Building BRIDGES of COMPASSION & Friendship!

Rachel's Hobbies & Favorite Things:

Travel is Rachel’s great passion. Next is her love for all forms of the classical theater arts such as ballet, symphony, live plays, and opera.

Rachel enjoys dancing, including ballet, ballroom, especially swing and Latin. She delights to perform with, as well as attend, choir concerts.

Curling up with a good book relaxes Rachel. A hopeless romantic, Victorian-era books and movies enthrall her and tiny violets capture her heart. She thrills to the challenge of the hunt for a great bargain.

While still only a very young lady, Rachel became quite a "Tea Room" aficionado. Branching out, she has now become an avowed "foodie", too.  Verification of this is the hundreds of meals documented on film from her Middle East studies-abroad trip this past summer.