Touching Nations: Building BRIDGES of COMPASSION & Friendship!


The Call to the Nations came early for Rachel. Her initial experience with short-term missions abroad was at 12 years old through her local church. Since then, she has traveled internationally with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) / King’s Kids, Campus Crusade, and independently through Study-Abroad university programs and personal trips and tours.

The list of places abroad Rachel has touched - and that have touched her - is quite extensive for such a young lady. Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, England, Scotland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Jordan, Israel, Holland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey, and Egypt.

Rachel adheres strongly to the “Friendship Evangelism” concept and practices that approach abroad, as well as here in the States. Consequently, Rachel has participated in “traditional” evangelistic crusades, in addition to establishing global, culturally-diverse personal relationships through Study-Abroad programs.

She has completed summer term, university level Study-Abroad programs in Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, and Mexico. Because Rachel has such a heart for international students from across the globe, she has founded or volunteered with various university campus international programs and frequently participates in many “global community” cultural and educational events. In 2004, Rachel received the prestigious honor of being an Ambassadorial Scholar with Rotarians International, an organization of outstanding Business Professionals.

The Ambassadorial Scholarship enabled Rachel to live and study in York, England for a year where she received a Post-Graduate Diploma in Citizenship & Global Education from the University of York. She recently completed her Master’s Degree in Cross-Cultural Studies at University of Houston, Clear Lake and is preparing to embark on a 5 month Discipleship Training School Program in California, which concludes with a mission trip abroad. She then hopes to perhaps work with a Christian Non-Profit Ministry in the near future.

Please click on the DTS link to read about my current plans and upcoming trip.